Balloons Don’t Float for Very Long

Add the full recommended amount of HI-FLOAT. The restriction clips that come with the pump dispenser ensure that the correct amount of HI-FLOAT is added to every balloon. Using less will shorten the balloons’ float time. Not adding the full recommended amount also makes it difficult to get an even coating inside the balloon and can cause balloons to look hazy.

11 inchesOrange
14 inchesTwo pumps orange
16 inchesTwo pumps grey

Inflate the balloons fully. The balloon should be almost pear-shaped and should float upright when first inflated. If the balloon leans to one side or doesn’t float at all, add more helium. A balloon sizing device will help ensure that balloons are inflated to the correct size.

Balloons Don’t Float When First Inflated

Keep balloons indoors, in a climate-controlled location. In hot weather, keep the balloons in an air-conditioned location so they can dry quickly. In cold weather, keep the balloons in a heated location. Float time data is for indoor, climate-controlled conditions.


In rainy weather, run the heater or air conditioner when inflating HI-FLOAT-treated balloons. High humidity can interfere with the drying time of balloons and will dramatically reduce a balloon’s floating life. A room dehumidifier will also help avoid this problem.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Use specially ventilated HI-FLOAT Balloon Transport Bags for transporting balloons. HI-FLOAT transport bags are ventilated, so air can circulate around the balloons and allow the HI-FLOAT coating to continue drying. Use of nonventilated bags will delay drying of the HI-FLOAT coating and reduce float time. Limit the total amount of time that balloons are in bags to 30 minutes. Do not place balloons in a hot vehicle; run the air-conditioner first.

Hi-Float Transport Bags

Remember that float times for pearlized and metallic balloons are about a third less than for regular colored balloons. If you need the maximum floating life, don’t use pearlized or metallic colors. Also, heart-shaped, Qualatex Geo Blossom® and Qualatex Geo Donut® balloons float for much less time than regular balloons. For additional instructions for treating these balloons, click here.