Treating Heart-Shaped, Qualatex Geo Blossom® and Qualatex Geo Donut® Balloons

Heart-shaped, Qualatex Geo Blossom and Qualatex Geo Donut balloons normally float for a shorter time than round balloons do. To get the maximum float life with these balloons, use the following method:

Inflate the balloon fully with air to stretch it, then deflate it entirely.

Inject ULTRA HI-FLOAT using the clip shown in the table below. Be sure to get the pump nozzle down into the base of the balloon, and pinch the neck of the balloon as you remove it from the pump to wipe off any excess HI-FLOAT.

11-inch Heart-ShapeOrange
16-inch Geo DonutOrange
16-inch Geo BlossomOrange
17-inch Heart-ShapeGrey

Gently rub the base of the balloon to spread the ULTRA HI-FLOAT.

Inflate the balloon as much as possible with helium, and hand-tie it.

Note: If the balloon is not floating when first inflated, add less HI-FLOAT to the next balloons. You may need to push the pump down only 3/4 of the way, especially when treating Geo Blossoms.