A few words from some satisfied customers



I want to thank you for making event decorating so much easier! For our PTA fundraiser this year we had a 100th birthday party for the school. We wanted to cover the ceiling with hundreds of colorful birthday balloons. Thanks to HI-FLOAT we were able to inflate all of the balloons on Friday, while our kids were in school, and when we returned Saturday for the big event they were all still floating. The decorations looked great and we weren’t stressed at all. What a great product!



Kristen Wilson

Builder of world’s biggest balloon arch brags about HI-FLOAT

Just wanted to brag about how well ULTRA HI-FLOAT works. I treated an 11″ Qualatex printed latex balloon 10-31-11, today is 2-14-12 (106 days) and balloon is still floating just about perfect.



Greg Arrigoni

Unique Balloons

Builder of the World’s Largest Balloon Arch

HI-FLOAT saves car dealership time and money

We recently made our first purchase of ULTRA HI-FLOAT for use in our balloons at the dealership. I was a little skeptical at first, but had heard good things about your product from one of our other stores.


I have to say, I’m amazed! We filled our balloons two weeks ago, and they are still flying high! The cost savings for us is going to be unbelievable. The balloons would last two days for us before the HI-FLOAT; now they are lasting well over two weeks. We are saving on helium and balloons, as well as allowing my staff to work on more productive things than blowing up balloons.


I really appreciate your product and wish you all the success.


Mike Leys,

Sales Manager – RiverTown Honda

HI-FLOAT®-treated 11-inch balloon floats for over 100 days


I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been carrying out an experiment to see really how long ULTRA HI-FLOAT extends the floating life of a balloon.

I inflated 11-inch metallic silver Qualatex® balloons two days before New Year’s 2005, and now its April 9 (2005), and unbelievably, they are still floating!

I used the recommended amount as per your instructions, and the balloons still float 111 days later – obviously not too perky, but amazing all the same.

The Diamond Clear 3-foot balloon I inflated at the same time shows virtually no signs of giving up.

Thought you might be interested.

Best regards,
A Satisfied Customer in London, England

HI-FLOAT-treated balloons still floating after week in trunk*

I had a customer who placed a couple of bouquets in his trunk after a school event and forgot they were in there until a week later, and when he went to put a bag in his trunk, they came floating out.

He brought one of the bouquets by our shop three weeks after the event, and the only one at that point that was starting to drop was a Geo Donut®.

Also, we had a wedding display of 16″ balloons that lasted for 11 weeks. All I can say is, wow! Your product has helped in the success of our shop.

Thank you,
Serena Brown,
The Party Shoppe
Oroville, Calif.

(*To ensure maximum floating time, storing HI-FLOAT-treated balloons in the trunk of your car is not recommended.)

Ultra HI-FLOAT treat 3-foot balloon floats for 10-1/2 months

Balloons and More in Mechanicsburg, Pa., first contacted HI-FLOAT in June 2006. The people there wanted to share the story of their 3-foot latex balloon that was treated with ULTRA HI-FLOAT the week before Halloween 2005 and was still floating! The balloon was located in the center of the store near the cash register, and bets were placed on how long it would last.

The balloon was finally taken down on Sept. 6, 2006, after an amazing float time of 10-1/2 months!