Treating Pearlized and Metallic Balloons

Pearlized and metallic balloons float for about two-thirds as long as regular colored balloons. Check out our Pearlized or Metallic Balloons video on you tube. To get the maximum float life possible, use one of the following methods:

Pre-Treat Pearlized or Metallic Balloons to Maximize Float Life

Balloons may be pre-treated with HI-FLOAT several days before they need to be inflated, saving time on the day of your event.

Treat balloons with the correct amount of ULTRA HI-FLOAT. Use the orange clip for 11-inch balloons, and refer to the clip guide for other sizes. Be sure to get the pump nozzle down into the base of the balloon, and pinch the neck of the balloon as you remove it from the pump to wipe off any excess HI-FLOAT.

Gently rub the base of the balloon to spread the ULTRA HI-FLOAT.

Set the treated balloon aside, positioned so that the HI-FLOAT cannot flow into the neck of the balloon or leak out.

Gather treated balloons in groups of 10, and band the necks together with ribbon or a rubber band. This will keep the HI-FLOAT from drying out.

Pre-Treating Balloons

Leave the balloons at room temperature in banded groups of 10 for up to one week. Do not store the balloons in a refrigerator.

Before inflating the balloons, remove the ribbon or rubber band and gently rub the balloons to redistribute the ULTRA HI-FLOAT inside the balloons.

Inflate the balloons with helium and tie as normal.

Pre-Stretch Pearlized or Metallic Balloons to Maximize Float Life

Pre-stretching pearlized and metallic balloons will provide about the same increase in float time as the pretreating procedure described above. Stretching balloons with air before they are inflated with helium allows them to be inflated to a larger size.

Inflate the balloon with air to stretch it.

Deflate the balloon.

Treat the balloon with ULTRA HI-FLOAT in the normal manner.

Inflate the balloon with helium and tie.