Treating Air-filled Balloons

ULTRA HI-FLOAT is not just for use with helium. It can also be used to prolong the life of air-filled balloons. Check out our Air-Filled Balloons video on YouTube.

HI-FLOAT prevents air from escaping through the walls of a latex balloon. It actually does an even better job of preventing air loss than it does with helium.

HI-FLOAT works in air-filled round and non-round balloons, such as 260s.

An air-filled 11-inch round balloon maintains its original size for at least two months.

When not treated with ULTRA HI-FLOAT, an 11-inch air-filled balloon loses 20% of its air in two months.

260 balloons treated with HI-FLOAT and filled with air will maintain their original size for several weeks.

To create long-lasting air-filled balloons, follow the instructions for treating helium-filled latex balloons with HI-FLOAT, using the same restriction clips but inflating with air instead. For example, for an 11-inch round balloon, use the orange clip on the pump dispenser, and add one full pump before inflating with air.