How to Save Helium With ULTRA HI-FLOAT

60/40 helium inflators are compatible with ULTRA HI-FLOAT treated balloons.

60/40 inflators add a helium/air mixture to the balloon and can provide balloons that will float for several days when treated with ULTRA HI-FLOAT. Because 40% less helium is used, the savings on helium more than pays. Check out our HI-FLOAT with 60 40 Inflators video on YouTube.

Because a 60/40 helium/air mixture is less buoyant than pure helium, less HI-FLOAT will be added than for balloons with pure helium. Refer to the clip guide, and use the restriction clip for the next smaller size balloon.

9 inches with 60/40 inflatornot recommended
11 inches with 60/40 inflatorpurple
14 inches with 60/40 inflatororange
16 inches with 60/40 inflator2 pumps orange
24 inches with 60/40 inflator2 pumps grey
30 inches with 60/40 inflator2 pumps grey
36 inches with 60/40 inflator2 pumps no clip
40 inches with 60/40 inflator3 pumps no clip
48 inches with 60/40 inflator4 pumps no clip
60 inches with 60/40 inflator3/4 cup (add through funnel)

For an 11-inch balloon inflated with a 60/40 mixture, use the purple restriction clip that is normally used with a 9-inch balloon.

Snap the purple clip onto the pump dispenser.

Slide the balloon on to the pump nozzle so the HI-FLOAT will fall into the base of the balloon. Push the pump down as far as it will go.

Pinch the balloon as it is removed, cleaning off the pump nozzle and keeping HI-FLOAT out of the neck of the balloon. Keeping HI-FLOAT out of the neck of the balloon will make it easier to handle and tie.

Rub the balloon for a couple of seconds to spread the HI-FLOAT inside the balloon. While rubbing, elevate the opening to allow air to escape and to prevent liquid from entering the neck of the balloon.

We recommend rotating the helium nozzle downward to reduce splatter and keep the HI-FLOAT out of the balloon neck.

Inflate the balloon until it is almost pear-shaped. Hand-tie the balloon. It should float upright. Underinflated balloons will not float upright and may lean to one side. Fully inflated balloons float straight up.

An ULTRA HI-FLOAT treated 11-inch balloon inflated with a 60/40 helium/air mixture will float for 2 to 10 days.