Cleaning HI-FLOAT

Allow adequate drying time for balloons in order to avoid cleanup jobs. We recommend allowing balloons to dry for a couple of hours before allowing them to be touched.

HI-FLOAT is completely soluble in water, even after it has dried. It dissolves much more quickly in hot water.

On nonporous surfaces such as countertops, allow spilled liquid to dry, then simply peel it up and discard.

On machine-washable fabrics, wash in warm or hot water, if possible. Presoak the item for a few hours if the HI-FLOAT has dried completely.

For dry cleaning, inform the cleaner that the spot is soluble in water and/or steam.

On upholstered fabrics, HI-FLOAT can be removed by dipping a toothbrush into a cup of hot water and rubbing the spot to soften it. Then blot it with a dry towel. Repeat wetting and blotting several times as necessary. After drying, if any trace remains, repeat the procedure. Brush felted fabrics to restore nap.